[SciPy-dev] build error on OSX 10.3

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Sun Oct 14 03:32:20 CDT 2007

John Hunter wrote:
> I have OS X 10.3 installation w/ python2.5, and am trying to build
> scipy r3435 and am getting the following build error.  Any ideas?
Someone else had the same problem:


This seems to be 10.3 specific (it does not appear on 10.4). The problem 
seems to be that on panther, veclib does not define the complex type. If 
you know where to get information on the veclib, I would be grateful, 
because I didn't find a lot of information (in general, I find the 
documentation on apple frameworks/libs really sparse, or maybe I just do 
not know where to look).



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