[SciPy-dev] swig dependency

Matthieu Brucher matthieu.brucher@gmail....
Wed Oct 17 02:44:21 CDT 2007

> > That's not entirely true. The UMFPACK bindings are optional, and
> sparsetools has
> > the generated files checked in so that no one except those modifying
> those
> > wrappers needs to have SWIG installed. Checking generated files into
> source
> > control is somewhat icky, but so is having to answer this question over
> and over.
> >
> Something which may be nice, but I don't know if it is feasable, would
> be to regularly test whether the files can be regenerated. For example,
> when I wanted to improve scipy.cluster, I could not make swig work at
> all, and I ended up rewriting the whole thing in plain C (the module was
> really small). I am afraid that if generated code stays for a long time
> without being regularly updated, nobody will be able to work on it
> anymore.
> David

I'm thinking about the same thing. With Pyrex files, it is simple to fall
back to the generated files when the Pyrex module cannot be imported (Pyrex
has an example with this), and it would be great to have the same thing for
distutils (and this would solve the problem of the dependency wouldn't it

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