[SciPy-dev] Illegal instruction in ndimage test

Christopher Hanley chanley@stsci....
Mon Oct 22 11:31:36 CDT 2007

Stefan van der Walt wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> Would you please send me the output of
> from scipy import ndimage
> import numpy
> arr = numpy.array(range(25)).reshape((5,5)).astype(float)
> arr = ndimage.zoom(arr, 2, order=2)
> print arr, '\n'
> This isn't due to Matthew's change, but to mine.
> Thanks,
> Stéfan
Below is what I get from my Intel Mac:

 >>> from scipy import ndimage
import numpy>>> import numpy
 >>> arr = numpy.array(range(25)).reshape((5,5)).astype(float)
 >>> arr = ndimage.zoom(arr,2,order=2)
 >>> print arr, '\n'
[[  1.55431223e-15   2.78867102e-01   8.66376180e-01   1.36601307e+00
    1.79084967e+00   2.20915033e+00   2.63398693e+00   3.13362382e+00
    3.72113290e+00   4.00000000e+00]
 [  1.39433551e+00   1.67320261e+00   2.26071169e+00   2.76034858e+00
    3.18518519e+00   3.60348584e+00   4.02832244e+00   4.52795933e+00
    5.11546841e+00   5.39433551e+00]
 [  4.33188090e+00   4.61074800e+00   5.19825708e+00   5.69789397e+00
    6.12273057e+00   6.54103123e+00   6.96586783e+00   7.46550472e+00
    8.05301380e+00   8.33188090e+00]
 [  6.83006536e+00   7.10893246e+00   7.69644154e+00   8.19607843e+00
    8.62091503e+00   9.03921569e+00   9.46405229e+00   9.96368918e+00
    1.05511983e+01   1.08300654e+01]
 [  8.95424837e+00   9.23311547e+00   9.82062455e+00   1.03202614e+01
    1.07450980e+01   1.11633987e+01   1.15882353e+01   1.20878722e+01
    1.26753813e+01   1.29542484e+01]
 [  1.10457516e+01   1.13246187e+01   1.19121278e+01   1.24117647e+01
    1.28366013e+01   1.32549020e+01   1.36797386e+01   1.41793755e+01
    1.47668845e+01   1.50457516e+01]
 [  1.31699346e+01   1.34488017e+01   1.40363108e+01   1.45359477e+01
    1.49607843e+01   1.53790850e+01   1.58039216e+01   1.63035585e+01
    1.68910675e+01   1.71699346e+01]
 [  1.56681191e+01   1.59469862e+01   1.65344953e+01   1.70341322e+01
    1.74589688e+01   1.78772694e+01   1.83021060e+01   1.88017429e+01
    1.93892520e+01   1.96681191e+01]
 [  1.86056645e+01   1.88845316e+01   1.94720407e+01   1.99716776e+01
    2.03965142e+01   2.08148148e+01   2.12396514e+01   2.17392883e+01
    2.23267974e+01   2.26056645e+01]
 [  2.00000000e+01   2.02788671e+01   2.08663762e+01   2.13660131e+01
    2.17908497e+01   2.22091503e+01   2.26339869e+01   2.31336238e+01
    2.37211329e+01   2.40000000e+01]]


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