[SciPy-dev] Documentation to SciPy

Ondrej Certik ondrej@certik...
Sat Sep 1 11:59:19 CDT 2007

> I like the direction you are going with the Documentation page.  I
> completely agree that we need to move toward simplification and
> streamlining the documentation.  Please go ahead, update it, and make
> your new Documentation page the official one.  I added a TOC to the
> page, which doesn't look particularly attractive.  It would be great
> if you could tidy up what I did.

I didn't find a way how to make the contents nice at the moment, so I
deleted it (it can of course be put back at any time).

> If you are willing to do it, I would like to ask you to become the
> official maintainer of this page.  I think that this page should be
> aimed at the new user.  This means that when someone comes to it for
> the first time they shouldn't be overwhelmed with information.  It
> should also be easy to find everything you need.  Obviously, this
> trade-off will involve careful consideration.

I think it's quite polished already. If I find time, I'll try to make
it even simpler.

How is the new release going? In the meantime, I updated the Debian
package to and it should be finally working.


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