[SciPy-dev] First alpha release of PySUNDIALS

James Dominy james@NBN.ac...
Wed Sep 12 09:47:02 CDT 2007

Hi Everyone,

The first alpha release of PySUNDIALS (a python package providing python bindings for SUNDIALS) has been released. It's not a
SciPy module, but is likely to be of interest to many on this list.

It is considered alpha, as it has yet to undergo extensive testing. CVODE, CVODES, KINSOL, and IDA have a complete set of
bindings. Work has begun on the examples provided with SUNDIALS to compare against the results of their C counterparts, and of
course to weed out any blatant bugs in the python modules.

It is available on SourceForge at http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/pysundails for anyone who is interested in giving it a
test run. Bug reports and feature requests can be submitted through SourceForge too.


P.S. If anyone feels like giving me a hand translating the comments in the C code to python doc-strings, let me know...

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