[SciPy-dev] scipy mainpage lacks visits counter and "donate" button

dmitrey openopt@ukr....
Fri Sep 14 05:21:26 CDT 2007

hi all,
don't you think scipy mainpage lacks visits counter and "donate" button?
I tried to implement former in preview mode for some hours, but I have 
obtained some difficulties (with javascript as well as with html code 
samples from those free sites like webstat.net, easy-poll.com, 
sitemeter.com, btw latter works ok in my TRAC page, but only html, not 
javascript; note that javascript version allows to see where people are 
come from (I mean from which URLs, their countries may be shown via 
ordinary html version)).
As for the latter, it could be assigned from donate.net page, however, 
their prices probably may not be considered as cheap, see below (this is 
from letter, there are lots of words about non-profit organization etc 
in their site but anywhere you'll see prices in their website, despite 
the org by itself is commercial).
On the other hand, I guess scipy website developers could implement 
something like that by themselves.

Regards, D.

here are two programs offered to implement the Donation Selector. 

1. One program is designed for organizations just starting out with e-philanthropy, and is more cost effective for processing fewer transactions

$200.00 launch fee, then
$2.50 technology fee per donation plus
3.3% credit card banking fee. 
There is a $15.00 chargeback fee should a donor revoke the charge through the credit card company, we will only charge this if they become onerous or exceed 10% of the transactions you make with our system. This program carries no minimum monthly charge, and carries no annual fees.  A Direct Funding account, with daily transfer of funds, will require a one time set-up fee of $400.00.

2. Our next program is designed for those organizations with an established e-philanthropy program, who expect a steady flow of transactions throughout the year.

$200.00 launch fee, then
$29.95 minimum monthly fee to cover the first 20 transactions, hosting and technical support. 
$1.50 technology fee per donation after the first twenty transactions plus 
3.3% credit card banking fee. 
A $15.00 chargeback fee can also apply, but this program carries no other additional fees.  But again, to set up a Direct Funding account for you, with fees.  For a Direct Funding account, with daily transfer of funds, as opposed to the standard monthly transfer funds program - we charge a one time set-up fee of $400.00.

The selector-template can typically be created on the same business day you sign the contract.  We then arrange a support session to train the primary users on the system. Templates can be customized to the look and feel of your site. In general there are 3 levels utilized to customize the look and feel. We will need to bid separately for any specific project, but the following can be used as a guide to our pricing to customize the pages.

$400.00 in programming will provide for custom background colors and one static banner either on the top or side of the window.

$800.00 in programming will provide for custom colors and live banners on top or along side of the window.

$1200.00 will provide enough programming for custom colors, 2 live banners, or implementation of Custom Style Sheets.

Email campaigns are set up for a one-time fee of $400.00.Each blast is $50.00 to insert new text, and to blast up to 10,000 email addresses. Additional email address are billed at $1.00/ thousand emails.

Network Fundraising Campaigns can be launched for between $2500.00 to have email blasts and a donation selector.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I'd be happy to set up a  phone meeting to go over your specific needs and plans for your  program.  Thanks so much. 


Eric Miller 
866-874-0444 x201 
404-874-7421 x201 

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