[SciPy-dev] scipy mainpage lacks visits counter and "donate" button

dmitrey openopt@ukr....
Fri Sep 14 15:10:09 CDT 2007

Jarrod Millman wrote:
> Hey Dmitrey,
> Thanks for the suggestions about the website.  For now, I will try to
> get you some page view statistics for your grant application.  
Thank you, but let me remember you once again - one of Ukrainian 
mentality features is "noone should be trusted too much", and 
unfortunately, they can't care less about the statistics you mentioned 
if I will send them the one in letter. So everyone can say "my research 
is very, very important, I see my site visits is 1000 per day" and no 
other proves. Would it be web-counter, they would take it a little bit 
more seriously, despite it may be wrong as well - AFAIK there is 
software for automatic counters increasing, also, as I read in related 
websites that provide counters, they even propose to start from any 
number, and visits from the webpage author(s) by themselves can be taken 
into count.
> We are
> in the process of cleaning up the scipy server to make it more
> responsive and easier to administer.  Until we get that finished, I
> would prefer to temporarily halt the addition of new features to the
> site.
> As soon as we make some progress on cleaning things up, we will be
> able to start investigating the best way to gather and make public web
> metrics as well as other nice features.  
Maybe, it would be nice to fix current webpages instead of modifying 
them and provide in new scipy site link to "old scipy site", as well as 
migrate those pages that are ok - up-to-date, have no deadlinks, etc?

> For federally-funded US
> grants, having more extensive web metrics is very useful as well.
If you know anyone US grant org that accepts applications from 
ukrainians w/o going to US - then please inform me, it would increase my 
chances. I suspect that these ones here are too low - I get only one 
suitable org (that accepts general scientific issues) via web search; 
and it's very unlikely I'll pass the one successfully, because there too 
many scientific projects here and too small finance support for them is 
provided - almost all are humanitarian-related.

Regards, D.

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