[SciPy-dev] TableIO

Alan G Isaac aisaac@american....
Thu Sep 20 10:08:03 CDT 2007

A **long** time ago someone expressed the wish that TableIO 
could be part of SciPy and was told that it was license 
incompatible.  I looked at TableIO
and had the same wish, so I wrote Mike Miller.
Well time passes, and he has written back, saying he would 
be happy to release TableIO under a SciPy compatible 

So: how best to proceed?

What I think would be truly great is if he were to maintain 
TableIO in the SciPy repository, so that SciPy always had 
the latest version?  Is this the right way to thing about 
this?  What is the best response to this opportunity?

Alan Isaac

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