[SciPy-dev] New scipy 0.6.0 uploads

Ondrej Certik ondrej@certik...
Sun Sep 23 17:51:29 CDT 2007

> Thanks Ondrej.  I have decided to follow your excellent example and am
> going to see if I can help the Fedora packagers.  I just sent an email
> to Debarshi 'Rishi' Ray, a Fedora packager, asking if I could help get
> a scipy-0.6.0 rpm released.  If anyone knows who currently maintains
> the official Fedora packages, please let me know.

Yes, that's a nice idea. I always have in mind this graph:


which says, that if we cover Ubuntu+Debian+Fedora, we already have 53%
of desktop users and if we could cover Suse as well, it gives 74%, so
that's most of the users.

In Debian it's already in archives (you can watch how it is being
compiled on all architectures in there):


In Ubuntu:


I am not sure how it works, but I think the gutsy is freezed already,
so the new version of scipy will not make it into it, but when they
release gutsy, it should get synchronized, I'll try to get in touch
with the Ubuntu maintainers.


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