[SciPy-dev] problems with numpy.setuptools("single_version_externally_managed")

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Wed Sep 26 02:00:31 CDT 2007

Pearu Peterson wrote:
> Actually, there exist a simple and proper fix (as usual;):
> numpy ccompiler.py should check if distutils.msvccompiler is
> imported (via sys.modules). If it is, then set
>    distutils.msvccompiler.gen_lib_options = <our gen_lib_options>
But is this the only case where setuptools and numpy.distutils rewrite 
some classes ? I am just a bit afraid that modifying runtime objects 
both in numpy.distutils and setuptools will cause other problems in the 
near future (my impression is that it is safe to assume setuptools will 
become part of the standard library in python at some point, and we will 
have to cope with it).



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