[SciPy-dev] job postings on the web site

Joe Harrington jh@physics.ucf....
Fri Apr 4 20:24:26 CDT 2008

I've just had a pretty tough search to hire a couple of people who
have skill in numpy/scipy.  A search on Monster for "numpy" got just
one (1) hit out of a few million resumes, yet I know they must be out
there.  How would people feel about a page on the website where people
could post job ads and job-seeker ads for work using or related to
numerical uses of Python?  Or how about just for development work *on*
numpy/scipy/matplotlib/etc.?  We'd have to find some reasonable set of
constraints, but how does the principle of it strike you?  This would
be a commercial use of the site, and the first, so I didn't want to
make a page following the "wiki way" without some feedback.


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