[SciPy-dev] GSoC: Time Series Analysis

Alan G Isaac aisaac@american....
Mon Apr 7 21:08:59 CDT 2008

Just to correct an apparent misimpression ...

While I am definitely interested in the general area of this
proposal, when I commented that "I have volunteered to
mentor", I was NOT committing to this particular project but
rather describing my status in the GSoC.  Specifically,
as I was trying to explain, I expect that the SciPy project
under the PSF umbrella will select certain projects,
*not* that I will do so.  Because of my interest in SciPy
I have volunteered to be one of their mentors, if that
should prove useful to SciPy.

Hope that's clearer,
Alan Isaac

PS It would be useful if your project description
provided a little background on statistical code that
you have already implemented.  Also, the ADF test is
rather trivial to implement, so it would be much more
interesting to emphasize other unit root tests for
the first bit.

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