[SciPy-dev] help: wrapping generalized symmetric evp functions

Robert Cimrman cimrman3@ntc.zcu...
Tue Apr 8 06:50:38 CDT 2008


I am now trying to add the following LAPACK functions into scipy:
ssygv, dsygv, chegv, zhegv, to be able to solve 'Ax = lambda Bx' with 
symmetric or Hermitian matrices efficiently (cf. 

Having those functions is necessary for adding the lobpcg solver to 
scipy. It must use symeig package (LGPL) for now, which prevents its 
proper inclusion.

I am getting familiar with scipy.linalg implementation right now, slowly 
getting lost :[

It seems to me that the wrappers should go into generic_flapack.pyf, as 
there are already other similar functions (*heev etc.). the file claims, 
however, that it is generated automatically - how do I regenerate it so 
that it contains the missing functions? Is that really true? 
interface_gen.py seems just reading the file and tranforming it into the 
module in the build directory.

Google does not help much as I do not know what exactly to look for. Can 
someone point me to a documentation on this, or give advice?


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