[SciPy-dev] [scikits] openopt SVN instable for the moment

Alan Isaac aisaac@american....
Wed Apr 9 11:18:08 CDT 2008

OK, it seems that things are largely getting worked out 

It looks to me like Matthieu implemented some useful 
changes, and one of the good things that happened is that 
a bug was uncovered.  As far as I can tell, there has been 
an increase in functionality and ease of use with no loss of 
functionality or ease of use.  Dmitrey, please correct me if 
I misunderstand (by stating in simple terms what 
functionality is lost).

I have been encouraging Dmitrey to rely more on test-driven 
development.  This event highlights its importance, and it 
is one of the things I will be enouraging if I end up 
mentoring him for the GSoC (as I hope I will).

I think that aside from the design issues, another kind of 
issue was uncovered that is quite natural.  Dmitrey and 
Matthieu are working on code that sometimes overlaps in 
terms of needs and tests.  But of course it is natural for 
each to feel protective of his primary area of work, since 
they are not actually working jointly on a single project.  
This means that good tests become all the more 
crucial---tests that should be passed in advance of commits.
But in addition, I suggest a 2-stage procedure in areas of 
design disagreement:

        1. discuss with each other any large or medium size 
        changes in design
        2. if there are unresolvable disagreements, ask the 
        developers list for feedback on the best resolution

Alan Isaac 

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