[SciPy-dev] Help and input needed for adapting pydstool code for a scikit or scipy

Rob Clewley rob.clewley@gmail....
Thu Apr 17 21:35:11 CDT 2008


I do not wish to cross-post our long messages, but I realized that the
discussion of short and long-term dynamical modeling support needs to
get the attention of SciPy developers. I know people are busy with the
upcoming numpy release, but I would like to draw your attention to the
two related threads that I started on the users list.

Briefly, we want to get your input on adapting and porting some
aspects of PyDSTool (not necessarily *just* the ODE integrators) into
scipy -- at least as a scikit -- and also to seek help to do so from
interested parties. There are lots of technical issues arising, and
they may never get solved unless someone express willingness to get
involved. I think it was Travis who, a year or two ago, expressed
interest in getting help in re-writing ODE support for scipy, and this
is our much belated response to that. We also have technical questions
about using distutils that maybe someone on this list can help us


Rob Clewley
Erik Sherwood

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