[SciPy-dev] random seed in scipy.stats

Hoyt Koepke hoytak@gmail....
Sun Apr 20 22:46:07 CDT 2008


I've got the changes done, complete with test coverage.   I also
cleaned up a few minor coding things that make it easier to read the
code but don't change the behavior.  I'll attach the diff if anyone is
curious / wants to give me feedback.

However, I have a quick question about something that strikes me as
rather odd behavior.  When rvs() is called with no size or a size of 1
it returns a python array of size (1,).  I find this odd for two

1.  It's inconsistent with numpy.random
2.  One of the unit tests in test_distributions.py tests to make sure
the default returns a scalar (it now fails).

While I'm at it, should I change this behavior?  It seems like it
could break some backwards compatibility stuff, so I'll leave it for
everyone else to decide.

-- Hoyt

Hoyt Koepke
UBC Department of Computer Science
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