[SciPy-dev] Inclusion of cython code in scipy

Brian Granger ellisonbg.net@gmail....
Wed Apr 23 16:16:22 CDT 2008

>  >  I really don't think there's a reason to discourage it at this point, and if it works,
>  > as several of us have guessed, then we have gained a great deal.
>  Conversely, there's no reason to blindly encourage the use of an
>  unproven technology.

Let's be clear on this.  Many people consider Cython/Pyrex to be
extremely well proven.  Just ask the developers of any of the projects
that have been using cython/pyrex for years.  Cython may not have
proven itself in your mind, but those of us who are advocating its use
_do_ consider it to be a proven technology.

Second, for many of us, our advocacy comes not out of blindness, but
out of actually using cython for real projects and understanding its
strengths and weaknesses.

>  really *dislike* the approach of "we need to reimplement X in Cython,
>  because Cython is amazing".  I'm not arguing against the use of
>  Cython, I'm only moderating what comes across as naive evangelism for
>  a shiny new technology.

>  For example, I have heard numerous statements about how incredibly
>  slow SWIG wrappers are ("because the top layer is pure Python").  This
>  may be true, on the other hand it may not be true.  It may be true
>  only for some applications and not for others.  Ultimately, the burden
>  of proof is on the Cython proponents to provide supporting evidence
>  for their claims.  Once we have this evidence we can make an informed
>  decision about how to proceed.

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