[SciPy-dev] Adding sound backends to scipy for basic sound playback ?

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Mon Aug 4 06:05:55 CDT 2008


    I developed for my own research some (crude) audio backends to play
sound on Linux. I thought it would be nice to have this capability
built-in for scipy (something like sound/soundsc in matlab). Is this
something which could be included in scipy ?

For now, I have an alsa backend (for Linux), and a core audio backend
(which would need some work to be published at all). I have been trying
to port them on cython to learn a bit about cython (they were based on
ctypes before, but we can't build ctypes extensions for inclusion in
scipy). One problem for alsa is that you would need the (user-space)
library headers to build it, so making it mandatory would mean one more
dependency. Although ALSA is under the GPL/LGPL, I would guess it should
not be a problem since it is the interface to linux audio kernel ?



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