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Janet Swisher swisher@enthought....
Tue Aug 5 11:28:52 CDT 2008

> From: Joe Harrington <jh@physics.ucf.edu>

>         SciPy Documentation Marathon 2008 Status Report
> We are now nearing the end of the summer.  We have a ton of great
> docstrings, a nice PDF and HTML reference guide, a new package with
> pages on general topics like slicing, and a glossary.

> This is the design for this year's documentation prize, a T-shirt in
> Robert Kern black, designed by Teresa Jeffcott:
> http://physics.ucf.edu/~jh/scipyshirt-2008-2.png
> We'll hand these out at SciPy '08 to anyone who has written 1000 words
> or more (according to the stats page) or who has made an equivalent
> contribution in other ways (reviewing, wiki creation, etc.; Stefan and
> I will judge).  

> As always, further discussion belongs on the scipy-dev mailing list,
> as does your request to be added to the doc wiki editors group, so
> head over to the doc wiki main page, established an account there, and
> give us a shout!

I'm delighted to hear about the progress on creating documentation. And 
I must get one of those t-shirts!

I've created a 'swisher' login ID on the doc wiki. Please give me edit 

I think my efforts would be most usefully applied in reviewing and 
proofing. Should I just start picking things that are in the "Needs 
review" or "Reviewed" states? Are there particular areas where I should 
especially focus?

Janet Swisher, Sr. Technical Writer
Enthought, Inc., http://www.enthought.com

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