[SciPy-dev] are nosetests in scipy.io.matlab dummies?

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Wed Aug 6 11:47:37 CDT 2008


I'm on wondering whether the tests for scipy.io.matlab are actually executed
when running nosetests, e.g. with

``nosetests  scipy.io``

or with
import scipy.io

after correcting some import errors (which maybe due to my usage of scipy,
without proper install) I get

Ran 64 tests in 0.953s
<nose.result.TextTestResult run=64 errors=0 failures=0>

but my impression is that the tests in scipy\io\matlab\tests\test_mio.py
don't test anything.
I am messing up the tests so that they should fail, but they don't.
When I unnest the _check functions, then it produces failures for the
"screwed up" tests

I'm on Windows XP and usually work from the binary release, when I am
building scipy with setup.py,
I am not sure everything in the build is ok but it should not be related to
the testing problem.

``nosetests-script.py scipy`` ends in a segfault

Ran 1478 tests in 21.828s
FAILED (errors=42)
<nose.result.TextTestResult run=1478 errors=42 failures=0>

I was trying to use writing to matlab .mat version 5 files, and since 0.6.0
only writes
mat4 files, I tried out the trunk of scipy.

When I try to savemat with format '5', then I get for some dicts
"NameError: global name 'Mat5CellWriter' is not defined"

As far as I can see mio5.py does not contain any  Mat5CellWriter, which I
found is already known. Ticket #653.


I guess that in the transition to nose testing some tests did not get
completely converted,
the tests say ok, but don't test anything.
Can somebody verify the actual coverage of the tests?

If it is just my messy setup of the svn version of scipy and numpy, then I'm
sorry for the noise
and will wait for the next binary release.

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