[SciPy-dev] more arpack errors: OSX vecLib issue?

Aric Hagberg hagberg@lanl....
Sat Aug 16 10:09:15 CDT 2008

The ARPACK wrapper tests for complex and double complex matrices have
been commented out since they fail (Bus Error) on OSX/gfortran with
the standard vecLib framework.  They do work correctly with custom
ATLAS libraries and on other architectures and operating systems.

Perhaps this could be related to gfortran ABI issues
(e.g. http://scipy.org/scipy/scipy/ticket/238 ) or some other problem
with the vecLib library?

Can anyone help here?

See test_complex_symmetric_modes() and test_complex_nonsymmetric_modes()
in test_arpack.py.  I can produce a small failing example if that


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