[SciPy-dev] ANNOUNCE: ETS 3.0.0 released!

Dave Peterson dpeterson@enthought....
Sat Aug 16 16:53:44 CDT 2008


I'm pleased to announce that ETS 3.0.0 has just been tagged and
released! Source distributions have been pushed to PyPi and over the
next couple hours, Win32 and OSX binaries will also be uploaded to PyPi.
This means you can install ETS, assuming you have the prereq software
installed, via the simple command:
easy_install ETS[nonets]

Please see the Install page on our wiki for more detailed installation

Developers of ETS will find that the projects' trunks have already been
bumped up to the next version numbers so a simple "ets up" (or svn up)
should bring you up to date. Others may wish to grab a complete new
checkout via a "ets co ETS". The release branches that had been created
are now removed. The next release is currently expected to be ETS 3.0.1

-- Dave

Enthought Tool Suite

The Enthought Tool Suite (ETS) is a collection of components developed
by Enthought and open source participants, which we use every day to
construct custom scientific applications. It includes a wide variety of
components, including:

* an extensible application framework
* application building blocks
* 2-D and 3-D graphics libraries
* scientific and math libraries
* developer tools

The cornerstone on which these tools rest is the Traits package, which
provides explicit type declarations in Python; its features include
initialization, validation, delegation, notification, and visualization
of typed attributes. More information is available for all the packages
within ETS from the Enthought Tool Suite development home page at


"I set out to rebuild an application in one week that had been developed
over the last seven years (in C by generations of post-docs). Pyface and
Traits were my cornerstones and I knew nothing about Pyface or Wx. It
has been a hectic week. But here ... sits in front of me a nice
application that does most of what it should. I think this has been a
huge success. ... Thanks to the tools Enthought built, and thanks to the
friendly support from people on the [enthought-dev] list, I have been
able to build what I think is the best application so far. I have built
similar applications (controlling cameras for imaging Bose-Einstein
condensate) in C+MFC, Matlab, and C+labWindows, each time it has taken
me at least four times longer to get to a result I regard as inferior.
So I just wanted to say a big "thank you". Thank you to Enthought for
providing this great software open-source. Thank you for everybody on
the list for your replies."
— Gaël Varoquaux, Laboratoire Charles Fabry, Institut d’Optique,
Palaiseau, France

"I'm currently writing a realtime data acquisition/display application …
I'm using Enthought Tool Suite and Traits, and Chaco for display. IMHO,
I think that in five years ETS/Traits will be the most comonly used
framework for scientific applications."
— Gary Pajer, Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Physics, Rider
University, Lawrenceville NJ

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