[SciPy-dev] [ANNOUNCE] EPD with Py2.5 v4.0.3001 Beta1 now available

Dave Peterson dpeterson@enthought....
Sun Aug 17 20:05:08 CDT 2008


Thanks to heroic efforts by Chris Galvan this weekend, and significant
efforts by the team that finalized ETS 3.0.0 this week, we've been able
to publish public beta releases of EPD with Py2.5 v4.0.30001 Beta1 for
Windows and Mac OS X today.  I've uploaded them to the downloads website
and updated the EPD product pages to provide download links for the
public.  You can find the link to the betas here:
Please give them a try and report any bugs to the EPD Trac site at

In this release, EPD has been updated to include ETS 3.0.0, NumPy 1.1.1,
IPython 0.9.beta, Matplotlib 0.98.1, Sphinx 0.4.2, pyhdf 0.8, VTK 5.0.4,
wxPython, and many more updated projects.

There are a few issues known at this time, but remember these are our
first beta release of this version:
* The included documentation hasn't been updated to the current
versions of the third-party libraries.
* Some of the product branding is not up-to-date with regard to the
product name change to "EPD with Py2.5", nor with the version number of
4.0.30001 Beta 1.

-- Dave

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