[SciPy-dev] Adding a configuration file to a scikit

Pierre GM pgmdevlist@gmail....
Thu Aug 21 13:33:58 CDT 2008


[short] What is the best way to define a configuration file for a scikit ?

I'm writing a library where some modules need to access some default 
variables. The easiest is to define a configuration file (say, .configrc) and 
use ConfigParser to read the needed variables. How must I modify the setup.py 
of the package so that .configrc gets written system-wide (installed along 
the package) AND locally (to the user $HOME directory) ?

[bonus question] the setup may modify some of the options of .configrc, so I 
may have to use a configrc.template and write .configrc during the build, 
from the template. What's the best way to do it in a scikits-friendly setup ?

Thanks a lot in advance for any pointer.

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