[SciPy-dev] dae solvers

Benny Malengier benny.malengier@gmail....
Sun Aug 24 07:18:01 CDT 2008

Thanks for the pointer Rob. I knew of Sundials, but interfacing the C code
API from scipy looked more work than just using the old fortran progs with
f2py (there is some code in the ascent package that does interfaces sundials
though, http://ascendwiki.cheme.cmu.edu/Category:Solvers , but that would
mean a round trip python -> ascent api -> sundials ). Guess I should have
googled a bit longer.

As this pysundials is there, I do think it should be integrated somehow in
scipy. What use of ode class and odepack in scipy which interface old
vode/lsode fortran progs when pysundials exists that interfaces sundials and
like that the new cvode and ida solvers?
So perhaps ode.py should obtain a backend to that?  Or should scipy just no
longer offer ode solvers...

Well, I'm not a scipy dev, just my 2 cents. It always amazes me how many
duplication is going on. I'll investigate my options furter and make up my
mind next week on how to proceed.


2008/8/22 Rob Clewley <rob.clewley@gmail.com>

> > I need a differential algebraic equation solver, and did not see this
> > already in scipy.
> This was discussed very recently on the scipy-user list, and if you search
> for
> scipy "differential algebraic"
> on the googles you'll find a few pointers to the existing attempts to
> solve DAEs using python.
> -Rob
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