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Uwe Schmitt uschmitt@mineway...
Thu Aug 28 08:23:06 CDT 2008

Alan Isaac worte:
>Uwe Schmitt wrote:
>>/ The NNLS code is now via SVN at 
/>>/           http://public.procoders.net/nnls/nnls_with_f2py/
/>>/ How can I contribute this code now ? 
>Did you get the needed information for this?

No. But I had some problems receiving mails from
this list, maybe my spamfilter ate them.

>>/ Is there further any interest in code for 
/>>/  * ICA (Independent componenent ananlysis) ?
/>>/    I wrapped existing C-Code with f2py.

/>>/  * NMF/NNMA (nonnegative matrix factorization / - approximation) ?
/>>/    which is pure Python/numpy code.

>I'd like to see the latter find its way into SciPy.

Nice. I'm just playing with it and try to implement some
variations as Sparse NNMA...

>(I'm not familiar with ICA; what's the application

ICA means "Independent Component Analysis" which can be
used for solving the cocktailparty problem or for blind
Look at http://www.procoders.net/?p=30 for further

Greetings, Uwe

>Alan Isaac

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