[SciPy-dev] Docs: it's not over yet! (and T-shirts)

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Wed Dec 3 10:42:31 CST 2008

Thanks to all the volunteers who have contributed docs in the Doc
Marathon.  The past month has seen an increase in activity,
particularly for numpy.ma and the ufuncs.  The PDF manual is now 445
pages.  This is fantastic!  But there's still much work to do.

Here's the status of numpy documentation:

State			 %  	Count
Needs editing		38 	 374
Being written / Changed	30 	 296
Needs review	 	27 	 264
Needs review (revised) 	 2 	  20
Needs work (reviewed) 	 1 	   8
Reviewed (needs proof) 	 1 	   5
Proofed		 	 3 	  26
Unimportant	 	 – 	1488

So, while about 1/3 of the items have docs that someone thinks might
be done ("Needs Review" or higher), 38% of the pages have not even
been touched since the start of the marathon, including stuff in fft,
lots more in ma, even some ndarray pages.

Like these functions?  Use them?  Want others to use them?  I hope
that the semester/holiday break is a good chance for everyone to write
some more.  You don't need to be a developer to pitch in, just go to
docs.scipy.org, click into the editing wiki, read the front page and
guidelines, make a wiki name, and email this list to get edit
privileges.  There's a link to the source code on each function's doc
wiki page, so you can easily refer to it when writing.

We promised a cool T-shirt to everyone who has written 1000 words on
the doc wiki.  As of a few weeks ago, I think we are caught up on
sending shirts out.  If you think you should get a shirt but haven't,
please email me (off list).


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