[SciPy-dev] Scipy Tutorial (and updating it)

Brian Granger ellisonbg.net@gmail....
Thu Dec 4 13:20:38 CST 2008

> Different pages are the best choice for treating the subjets, but
> a tutorial _is_ a subject. Anyway, everyone can choice
> the prefered form.

Yes, and most books I read are about a subject.  That doesn't mean
they are written on scrolls ;-)

More seriously, here is how I would use this (and I am not a SciPy
pro, so I consider myself a potential customer for the tutorial).

I would start reading it....

Then, in the middle of reading the Optimization section, I will
realize that I need to go back to the section on indexing to clear up
some things...

But, to get to the navigation column, I have to scroll to the top.
Once I find the indexing part, I read it...

 and then I have to scroll around again to find the Optimization
section again.

Bottom line, just because the tutorial is a single subject that is
designed to be read through like a book, does not mean it should be
impossible to navigate.  Also, what if I only want to read the
tutorial on a specific set of topics.  The current design makes the
ensuing navigation difficult.

So I remain +1 on breaking into multiple files.  But, I am not the one
doing the work here,


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