[SciPy-dev] Patch for writing Matlab structs with long field names

Vebjorn Ljosa ljosa@broad.mit....
Sat Dec 6 05:14:51 CST 2008

"Matthew Brett" <matthew.brett@gmail.com> writes:

> Thanks for the patch, it's good, but - what makes you think matlab can
> handle 64 characters of fieldname?

The actual behaviour of the current version of Matlab is to both read
and write fieldnames of up to 64 characters (63 characters + NUL).  We
discovered this because we encountered some .mat files in the wild that
broke our scipy scripts.

It is possible that some previous Matlab version can only handle 32
characters.  Even with the patch, this should not cause problems as long
as the actual fieldnames your write are no longer than 32 characters.


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