[SciPy-dev] Please help prepare the 0.7 release notes

josef.pktd@gmai... josef.pktd@gmai...
Tue Dec 9 09:18:10 CST 2008

I added a section about the changes in scipy stats to the release
notes, see below.

I'm not sure how stable the API for the masked methods in
scipy.stats.mstats are. Also, I mentioned the remaining issues with
distributions and indicated further changes for the next release. I
don't know if you want to have these comments in the release notes or

Please review and make changes if necessary.



Bug fixes in the stats package

Statistical functions for masked arrays have been added and are
accessible through scipy.stats.mstats. The functions are similar to
their counterparts in scipy.stats but they have not yet been verified
for identical interfaces and algorithms.

Several bugs were fixed for statistical functions, of those, kstest
and percentileofscore gained new keyword arguments.

Added deprecation warning for mean, median, var, std, cov and
corrcoef. These functions should be replaced by their numpy
counterparts. Note, however, that some of the default options differ
between the scipy.stats and numpy versions of these functions.

Numerous bug fixes to stats.distributions: all generic methods work
now correctly, several methods in individual distributions were
corrected. However, a few issues remain with higher moments (skew,
kurtosis) and entropy. The maximum likelihood estimator, fit, does not
work out-of-the-box for some distributions, in some cases, starting
values have to be carefully chosen, in other cases, the generic
implementation of the maximum likelihood method might not be the
numerically appropriate estimation method.

We expect more bugfixes, increases in numerical precision and
enhancements in the next release of scipy.

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