[SciPy-dev] Warning about remaining issues in stats.distributions ?

Yaroslav Halchenko lists@onerussian....
Tue Dec 9 12:32:14 CST 2008

> * distributions that have problems for some range of parameters
so a good (imho) piece to add to unittests for the 'issues' to be fixed:

scipy.stats.rdist(1.32, 0, 1).cdf(-1.0+numpy.finfo(float).eps)

(tried on the SVN trunk to verify that it fails... discover the reason on
your own ;-))

For myself I resolved it with

    __eps = N.sqrt(N.finfo(float).eps)
    rdist = rdist_gen(a=-1.0+__eps, b=1.0-__eps, ....

but I am not sure if that is the cleanest way... and may be some other
distributions would need such tweakery to make them more stable.

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