[SciPy-dev] Writing Matlab 5 cells containing structures with long field names

Lee Kamentsky leek@broad.mit....
Wed Dec 10 09:05:49 CST 2008

Hi all,
Unfortunately, the patch that Vebjorn made on my behalf earlier this 
week (checked in as 5237 I believe) had a bug. I failed to change calls 
to instantiate Mat5WriterGetter to pass the long_field_names flag. This 
makes the code fail when a cell contains a structure that has long field 
names because the cell code does not create a Mat5WriterGetter with the 
long_field_names flag set. Enclosed is a diff of scipy/io/matlab/mio5.py 
against revision 5240 that fixes the problem and a diff of 
scipy/io/matlab/tests/test_mio.py that contains regression tests that 
demonstrate the problem. In addition, test_mio.py contains a regression 
test that demonstrates the bug that Ray submitted yesterday on my behalf.

Thanks for your timely action over the last week.

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