[SciPy-dev] openopt has to move out from scikits

Alan G Isaac aisaac@american....
Tue Dec 16 08:38:10 CST 2008

> Dmitrey wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> openopt v. 0.21 has been released. However, old svn location is no 
>> longer valid (my chiefs have forced me to move my code into other 
>> location). All details here

On 12/15/2008 10:42 PM David Cournapeau apparently wrote:
>     Why do you have to make openopt a non scikit ? Your code can be
> hosted anywhere your chiefs deem necessary, and still be kept as a scikit.

I think Dmitrey's concern is that SciPy svn can be
modified by anyone with commit privileges, while his
"chiefs" want to limit commit rights to OpenOpt
(with which they intend to be reputationally linked).

You seem to be proposing a way around these concerns.
Can you please elaborate?

Alan Isaac

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