[SciPy-dev] openopt has to move out from scikits

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Tue Dec 16 08:34:36 CST 2008

Alan G Isaac wrote:
> I think Dmitrey's concern is that SciPy svn can be
> modified by anyone with commit privileges, while his
> "chiefs" want to limit commit rights to OpenOpt
> (with which they intend to be reputationally linked).

What I am saying is that openopt can be developed in a different svn
repository (or any other mean) as decided by Dmitrey's "chiefs", while
still being a scikit project, that is sharing the scikit namespace.

Keeping the namespace has many advantages:
    - it does not break backward compatibility
    - it can use all the other resources for a scikit: bug tracker -
although this may not be that useful because you lose the integration
trac/svn since trac cannot refer to 'external' respository AFAIK, being
available through the new webapp Stéfan has been working on with one of
his student (so that people will see every new release, for example).

The commit right problem will be a problem if scikit grows
significantly, BTW. For now, there has not been any problem I am aware
of, though.



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