[SciPy-dev] status of splinalg

Nathan Bell wnbell@gmail....
Sat Feb 2 13:07:48 CST 2008

For those keeping score, here's the current status of scipy.splinalg.

Completed tasks:

     (1) linalg.iterative -> splinalg.isolve

          For backwards compatibility scipy.linalg imports all the
          iterative solvers from  splinalg.isolve .  This is needed to
          avoid breaking things like  'from scipy.linalg import cg'
          These functions are wrapped with deprecation warnings.

          The new iterative solvers have an argument M for an optional
          preconditioner.  The old A.psolve() method is still supported.

      (4) scipy.linsolve -> splinalg.dsolve

            Importing from scipy.linsolve generates a warning

      (6) create LinearOperator wrapper class and document it

            Iterative solvers now use aslinearoperator() to handle
            matrix-like input arguments.  I will update the iterative
            solver docstrings to reflect the change.

Remaining tasks with owners:

      (1) sandbox.lobpcg -> splinalg.eigen.lobpcg
      (2) sandbox.arpack -> splinalg.eigen.arpack
      (3) create splinalg.eigen.speigs
      (5) scipy.linsolve.umfpack -> scikit

Remaining tasks:

      (7) document splinalg.dsolve
      (8) document splinalg.isolve
      (9) document splinalg.eigen

Nathan Bell wnbell@gmail.com

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