[SciPy-dev] openopt example mmp_1.py

dmitrey dmitrey.kroshko@scipy....
Sun Feb 3 02:53:02 CST 2008

Then I guess something have been changed in numpy (I have 1.0.3)
here's full getCorrectInd() code:

from numpy import *
def getCorrectInd(p, ind):
    if ind is not None:
        if type(ind) in [int, int32, int64]: return [ind]
        elif type(ind) == ndarray: return atleast_1d(ind).tolist()
        elif type(ind) not in (list, tuple):
            p.err('incorrect func index type!')
        else: return ind
    else: return None   
So I can't understand why line "if type(ind) in [int, int32, int64]"

Maybe ind32 is no longer available in recent numpy?
Could you check

from numpy import *
a = int32(15)

Regardds, D.

> Hi Dmitrey,
> I have installed openopt from scratch. However the problem
> persists.
> The output of print type(ind) is
> <type 'numpy.int32'>
> Nils
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