[SciPy-dev] numpy upgrade for enthon next version

dmitrey dmitrey.kroshko@scipy....
Wed Feb 20 02:16:08 CST 2008

hi all,
does anyone know when numpy 0.9.x from latest enthon release will be 
updated to something more up-to-date?
I'm asking because scikits.openopt don't work with the numpy version 
mentioned, because it fails with "can't import abs from numpy". I think 
there's rather lot number of people who tried using openopt but turned 
away to something else because fail to install & run it with Windows + 
enthon. BTW, I had tried to install more recent numpy version by myself 
and some errors were obtained, so I guess an ordinary user will 
futhermore fail as well and switch to something else. (mb scons will 
simplify the process in future).
I guess it's valid not only for openopt but for lots of other 
numpy-related soft (at least, using numpy.abs()) as well.
Regards, D.

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