[SciPy-dev] could anyone propose University of California workers to change bvls license?

dmitrey dmitrey.kroshko@scipy....
Wed Feb 27 03:03:47 CST 2008

hi all,
here's a fortran routine bvls, free for non-commercial purposes:

Could anyone contact to the authors of the routine and propose them make 
it available in terms of GPL/LGPL or, moreover, BSD license?

I have already working Python interface (via f2py, thanks to Pearu 
Peterson for assist), so, if BSD - it could be connected to scipy.

In anyway, this routine would be of great interest in scikits.openopt 
users, because solvers ralg and lincher could be enhanced (in case of >1 
constraints), and, of course, mere bvls solver could be included to LLSP 

Authors of the routine, as it is mentioned in the file header, are

Robert L. Parker                           Philip B. Stark
Scripps Institution of Oceanography        Department of Statistics
University of California, San Diego        University of California
La Jolla CA 92093                          Berkeley CA 94720-3860
rlparker@ucsd.edu                          stark@stat.berkeley.edu

I would contact the authors of the routine by myself, but IIRC some 
scipy developers work in this university and have better English 
language knowledge.

Regards, D.

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