[SciPy-dev] ANN: Enthought Python Distribution - Beta

Travis Vaught travis@enthought....
Wed Feb 27 21:13:20 CST 2008


Enthought is very excited about our pending wide-release of the  
Enthought Python Distribution (EPD).  After much effort, we finally  
think we're close to the first non-beta release.  As one more quality  
check, we'd love to impose on you guys one more time to try out a just- 
minted beta release for Windows (EPD 2.5.2001_beta1) and give us some  
feedback.  Any major problems will, of course, be fixed for the next  
release, but we're open to any suggestions for improvement for future  
releases as well.


For those of you unfamiliar with EPD, it's a "kitchen-sink-included"  
distribution of Python with over 60 additional tools and libraries.   
It's bundled into a nice MSI installer on Windows and includes NumPy,  
SciPy, IPython, 2D and 3D visualization, database adapters and a lot  
of other tools right out of the box.  We'll have support for RedHat  
and Mac OS X in a general release very soon.

For academic, non-profit or hobbyist use, EPD is, and will remain,  
free.  We are charging an annual subscription for commercial and  
governmental access to downloads and updates of EPD.  Downloaded files  
may be used indefinitely past the subscription term.  You are welcome  
to try out the beta indefinitely, regardless of your commercial/non- 
commercial persuasion.  When the final (non-beta) version is released,  
commercial folks can try it for 30 days. You can check out the license  
terms (http://www.enthought.com/products/epdlicense.php) if you're  
interested in the details.

EPD is compelling because it solves a lingering packaging and  
distribution problem, but also because of the libraries which it  
includes. We owe many folks on this list a debt of gratitude for their  
work on some really great tools. So, thanks ... and enjoy!

Best Regards,

Travis N. Vaught

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