[SciPy-dev] ANN: Enthought Python Distribution - Beta

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Thu Feb 28 14:27:37 CST 2008

>  With the bundle - yes of course.  I mean, if the bundle becomes the
>  defacto standard for deploying python, numpy etc, and the charges
>  worry people, then they may be less likely to try it.  I've no idea
>  whether that will be a big factor - I guess it's difficult to say.

For example - imagine the following scenario.  Someone moderately
junior has just joined a company or government institution.  They
become keen on python, start playing with python, VTK and so on, and
try and persuade others in the company to try it.  If they find they
have to ask the accounts people for money before they install the
bundle, or they have to build it all from scratch, they may not, which
means lost users.


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