[SciPy-dev] ANN: Enthought Python Distribution - Beta

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Thu Feb 28 14:45:03 CST 2008

That is indeed a valid scenario. On my Linux engineering systems we just built everything from scratch but on our institutional PC systems we like to have
an MSI ready to go and I have gone so far as to establish the EPD (prior version) as our company standard python installation for those Windows users who
need it. Of course now that decision puts us in a bind as we will in the future need to establish a contract with Enthought before continuing with this
standard. (Of course I would have had this same situation had I selected the ActiveState version...)
As this being a big deal? No, not really; just an annoyance. Governments and companies know how to license software and indeed prefer the warm fussy of paid
support to the FOSS model. People may just fall back to the python.org installer and never know the joy of the Enthought tool suite and scipy/numpy. I don't
know how often that may happen however. 

-Robin Friedrich

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>  With the bundle - yes of course.  I mean, if the bundle becomes the  
> defacto standard for deploying python, numpy etc, and the charges  
> worry people, then they may be less likely to try it.  I've no idea  
> whether that will be a big factor - I guess it's difficult to say.

For example - imagine the following scenario.  Someone moderately junior has just joined a company or government institution.  They become keen on python,
start playing with python, VTK and so on, and try and persuade others in the company to try it.  If they find they have to ask the accounts people for money
before they install the bundle, or they have to build it all from scratch, they may not, which means lost users.

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