[SciPy-dev] ANN: Enthought Python Distribution - Beta

Travis E. Oliphant oliphant@enthought....
Fri Feb 29 01:03:25 CST 2008

Friedrich, Robin K wrote:
> That is indeed a valid scenario. On my Linux engineering systems we just built everything from scratch but on our institutional PC systems we like to have
> an MSI ready to go and I have gone so far as to establish the EPD (prior version) as our company standard python installation for those Windows users who
> need it. Of course now that decision puts us in a bind as we will in the future need to establish a contract with Enthought before continuing with this
> standard.
Remember that you can download EPD without paying anything and feel 
perfectly fine about it if you are just trying out the software and have 
not decided to use it in your work. 

Once you decide to make serious use of Python (assuming you will want 
multiple packages), and want the help maintaining binaries, you can 
manage this in many ways:

1) A site-wide yearly subscription that would let you install it on as 
many machines as you like
2) Purchasing individual subscriptions for the users that do rely on it.

We are really hoping that EPD will help more people than it hurts and 
trying to make the terms as agreeable as possible (while still enabling 
us to produce EPD).

Best regards,

-Travis Oliphant
Enthought, Inc.

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