[SciPy-dev] Nose testing branch - call for - er - testing

Francesc Altet faltet@carabos....
Wed Jan 9 03:41:35 CST 2008

A Wednesday 09 January 2008, Matthew Brett escrigué:
> Hi,
> > > You'll see hints on the nose stuff in the scipy.testing module,
> > > and the scipy.sandbox.exmplpackage module.
> >
> > I quickly tried it, and it worked (on Ubuntu with gcc). What are
> > the main advantages of using nose ? Does it make the actual testing
> > framework simpler, or are there any other advantages I am not aware
> > of ?
> Others could probably step in better than I can - but the main
> advantages are:
> The testing framework is standard and well-maintained.
> New tests have minimal overhead - as simple as writing a function
> with 'test' in the name
> It will do doctests, if asked.
> It's got a flexible test selection system from the command line
> It does parametric tests rather nicely - see
> http://projects.scipy.org/scipy/scipy/browser/branches/testing_cleanu
> At the moment, the main difference is only the clearing out of the
> numpy testing framework specific stuff.  New tests should be simpler
> to write with less overhead.

Maybe this has been already discussed, but what about its LGPL license?  
I understand that packages under this license should not be part of 
SciPy (correct me if I'm wrong).


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