[SciPy-dev] Scipy server suffering again...

J. Ryan Earl jre@enthought....
Fri Jan 11 17:12:43 CST 2008


Apache and thus it's Trac FastCGI scripts are set to automatically 
restart every 12 hours @ 10AM & 10PM CST.  The heavy Zope FastCGI 
restarts @ 3AM & 3PM CST.  So basically, make sure to save any work or 
changes you're making on the Wiki around those times to be safe though 
it may not matter.

This should keep memory usage under control.


J. Ryan Earl wrote:
> Fernando Perez wrote:
>> So far it does look more responsive, but that's just a single data
>> point.  In any case, thanks for paying attention to this, it was
>> becoming really a drag.
> So now the CPU is pegged through the roof.  That's something I can't do 
> anything about.  =(
> -ryan
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