[SciPy-dev] Nose tests - merged

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Sat Jan 12 14:40:28 CST 2008


> How do I use the new test functionality in scipy ?

I've put in an check for the input to test to make the error more
explicit.  In particular:

import scipy

Help on method test in module scipy.testing.nosetester:

test(self, label='fast', verbose=1, doctests=False, extra_argv=None)
method of scipy.testing.nosetester.NoseTester instance
    Module testing function

    label : {'fast', 'full', '', attribute identifer}
        Identifies tests to run.  This can be a string to pass to
        the nosetests executable with the'-A' option, or one of
        several special values.
        Special values are:
        'fast' - the default - which corresponds to
            nosetests -A option of
            'not slow and not bench and not willfail'.
        'full' - fast (as above) and slow tests as in
            nosetests -A option of 'not bench and not willfail'.
        None or '' - run all tests and benchmarks
        attribute_identifier - string passed directly to
            nosetests as '-A'
    verbose : integer
        verbosity value for test outputs, 1-10
    doctests : boolean
        If True, run doctests in module, default False
    extra_argv : list
        List with any extra args to pass to nosetests

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