[SciPy-dev] sparse solvers in scipy rock

Ondrej Certik ondrej@certik...
Tue Jan 15 07:20:33 CST 2008


yesterday I wrote some solver for 1D time dependent schrodinger
equation to my school,
using explicit and implicit methods and using scipy sparse solvers,
because I was lazy to use
some fortran routines for inverting the tridiagonal matrix, and I was
surprised how nice it works in scipy.
You did a great job. I am convinced that is the way to call all sparse solvers.

Here is the code:


I based it on the example:


which uses central differences explicit method, but I wrote it my way,
using complex numbers directly and Cython to speed it up.

I also implemented euler differences explicit method,
which totally blows up after a few iterations, and also an implicit
method, which works really well.

Where do you think I could put it together with some documentation how
to play with it? to the above wiki, or should I create a new wiki for
It's an example how to use Cython+Numpy+scipy sparse solvers (superlu


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