[SciPy-dev] Nose tests - merged

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Wed Jan 16 07:04:32 CST 2008


> > For me, the way it works now seems to cover the need for something
> > obviously benchmarking without adding a extra layer on top of the
> > testing and code layout.  But, we could also go the other way.  I'd be
> > happy of group thoughts.
> Just to say - that moving benchmark tests to a benchmark directory is
> fine

Reading further and testing, I find that I was wrong about this.
Nose, by default, will discover tests within package directories, or
directories matching the usual nose test file regexp, and not
otherwise.  'benchmarks' does not match this regexp.  So, allowing
tests in benchmark directories will involve some further non-default
nose tweaking (ah that name).  Personally, I would rather keep our use
of nose as close to default as possible, and therefore do benchmarks
in the test directory, as before, with


decorators to identify them.  Do y'all agree?


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