[SciPy-dev] Nose tests - merged

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Wed Jan 16 14:59:21 CST 2008

> I would like the benchmarks to be *not* found unless specifically asked for,
> even when just using nosetests instead of scipy.test(). Our use of nose to
> collect and run these benchmarks is convenient (and a good idea, IMO), but it is
> not the purpose of the tool or the framework to run benchmarks. I think that
> explicit action should be required to convince nose to run the benchmarks.
> We/I can rig up a simple script (nosebench?) that will configure nose with the
> appropriate regexes to find the benchmarks.

Ok - I think that's a vote for the separate benchmarks directory and
tests named bench_something within it, run with module.bench() or

nosetests --match '(?:^|[\b_\./-])[Bb]ench'

or equivalent.



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