[SciPy-dev] scikits: mailing list for tickets, etc...

Matt Knox mattknox_ca@hotmail....
Fri Jan 18 08:15:58 CST 2008

> -1 on separate user/dev lists.  I think if the traffic for scikits
> really grows out of control that may become necessary, but at least
> initially it might be beneficial to keep those discussions together
> with the rest of scipy.  That would provide a mechanism for all to
> learn about useful toolkits, it would promote better interoperability
> and flow of ideas/code into the core (when appropriate), etc. Having
> separate lists seems to me like an unnecessary extra barrier in this
> case.

I agree completely. Actually, I think the current situation of three lists could
probably be trimmed down to two even (one for numpy, one for scipy), but I won't
lose any sleep over it one way or the other. The numpy list has both development
and "user" topics on it and seems to do just fine. I think scipy could just as
easily work with a unified mailing list. People often send "development" related
posts to the scipy-user list already anyway.

- Matt

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