[SciPy-dev] timeseries moved to scikits

Matt Knox mattknox_ca@hotmail....
Tue Jan 22 22:28:14 CST 2008

The timeseries module has been moved to the scikits svn repository (http://svn.scipy.org/svn/scikits/trunk/timeseries) and removed from the sandbox. It installs as a scikits namespace package as per the scikits convention.

The maskedarray branch of numpy (only available in svn) is currently required for the timeseries scikit. This requirement will go away once the maskedarray merging is complete and an official  release of numpy has been made with the new masked array module.

I'll try to whip up a quick page on the trac site for the timeseries module some time this week and port the existing documentation over to there.

- Matt
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